Incidence of aging-related diseases

Aging is the leading cause of disease, being responsible for, at least, 30% of deaths worldwide. (WHO)


Alzheimer, parkinson and other neurodegenerative diseases

46 million people suffer alzheimer in the World. In 2050 there will be about 130 million.

Diabetes Type II

346 million people suffer from it. Damages heart,  eyes or nerves. learn more


1000 million people affected.learn more


> 600 million people.learn more


> 9 million deaths/year by different types of Cancer. learn more

Diseases of premature aging

Werner, Bloom & Cockaine syndromes, Hutchinson-Gilford progeria,
Dyskeratosis congenital, Rothmund-Thomson.



Mark and Clean Senescence Cells

The main target of Sencell Therapeutics is mark and clean the accumulation of senescence cells by vaccination.